GUM Principal Investigator Marie Price at the United Nations
Dr. Marie Price giving a keynote address at the UN Commission on Population and Development at the United Nations in New York City in 2018

Globalization, the growth of cities and the global movement of people are increasingly interrelated processes. It is impossible to understand the processes of globalization without studying cities, as they are the central locations in which global interconnections are forged. Yet most contemporary research on globalization and global cities overlooks the economic and sociocultural impacts that immigrants have on these cities, as well as the linkages immigrants create with their countries of origin. 

We know that most contemporary economic immigrants settle in cities, yet most countries only report immigrant flows at the national level. This website is dedicated to identifying and tracking urban immigrant gateways. In addition, it provides information for examining the ethnic composition or urban immigrant destinations, mapping patterns of settlement and exploring how these cities benefit from and struggle with large numbers of diverse people.