Map showing a portion of the West Coast of the United States with colored dots for population sizes

The Globalization, Urbanization and Migration (GUM) research is unique; there is no other known source where urban-level data on immigration is available for global cities. GUM currently has information for more than 150 metropolitan areas (over 1 million in population) and draws data from more than 50 countries. The tables and maps available on this site allow researchers to add to their understanding of the impact of globalization and immigration on cities.

We invite scholars and policy makers to contribute their work and urban-level data to GUM to better inform policy discussions and research on urban-level immigration.

Sharing and Attributing Data

The initial research for and development of this website have been supported by a generous grant from the George Washington University Center for the Study of Globalization.  If you use data from this site, please reference it as Globalization, Urbanization and Migration. For comments and contributions to the website, please contact the principal investigators, Lisa Benton-Short and Marie Price.